HI!  We are Marianne and Sonia and we are on a mission to eradicate picky eating.  Are you sick of hearing your kid say HELLLLZ NO when they see a new food on the table?  Are you sick of making the same chicken nuggets, pasta with butter, or hot dogs for your kids?  So are we, we are so freaking sick of it.

We found a way to get our kids to eat better, be more adventurous and not say “NO.”  How you ask?  Easy.  We brought them into the kitchen and gave them real responsibilities as we together prep meals from across the world (Indian, Korean, Japanese, African, Middle Eastern, Mexican, and MORE).  Um YES, we let them use a knife, blender, mixer, microplane.  You name it, we’ve probably let them use it, and they are still alive!

We’ll give you tips, tools, suggestions, and recipe ideas to cook with your kids to broaden their horizons and get them to eat a larger variety of foods.  We can’t promise EVERYTHING, because believe us, there are some days when our kids just want frozen pancakes.  But, we will promise to give you ideas you can test on your own kiddos and find your own methods to have them eat better.

So come on, let’s try this.  Let’s go on this journey around the world together.  Kids are crazy, let’s all agree to that.  But let’s all agree, that as parents, we can take control and do our part in helping them eat better.

Want to send us a note? Email us at: littleglobalchefs@gmail.com.


IMG_6260Sonia Kapadia is a mom of two kids and (OMG!) is pregnant with her third.  She’s a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and media personality.  After several years at PepsiCo, Sonia went to the Harvard Business School to receive her MBA.  She then moved abroad to the UK and worked at PepsiCo again for a few years before she began her entrepreneurial path. She left PepsiCo UK and became Chief Marketing Officer of Gü Chocolate Desserts, a consumer products startup in London.  Gü was acquired after a year and she moved back to the States and led Business Development at a fashion startup, Rent the Runway.  In 2012, Sonia launched her own startup, Taste Savant.  Taste Savant was a restaurant discovery app designed to help the savvy diner.  Along the way she began a career in media.  She is a frequent lifestyle and business host and guest on national broadcast television and digital platforms including Fox News, Fox Business, Huff Post Live and Fusion.  She was also the host of Food Network’s show, Food Fortunes in Spring, 2015 and a former contributor at Forbes.

She’s a child of immigrants from India and grew up with a deep culture full of different flavors and spices.  When she started having children, she wanted to bring great flavors and cooking to the table.  As her son turned three, he started showing interest in what she was doing in the kitchen. So Sonia created weekly projects for him to join her at the stove.  Before they knew it, Zubin, her son, was cooking all sorts of food and was becoming more adventurous and willing to try new things.  After instagramming her adventures, other parents would ask her over and over, “How do you do it?  Where do I even start?” and that was the beginning of Little Global Chefs. 



Marianne Santee, a mom of 2 kids, was born and raised in the Midwest where she also attended school at Washington University in St. Louis.  Before making the decision to stay at home full time, she was a Marketing Executive with a background in category management at PepsiCo in NY and Chicago.  She is a first generation Korean American who grew up eating Thanksgiving dinner with a turkey and a side of kimchi and chap-jae.  When she started to run into feeding and then eating issues when her first child was born, she knew something had to change.  As a baby and through toddlerhood, her daughter had sensory issues, not wanting to eat anything squishy or soft – no pasta, no cheese, no eggs, no peanut butter.  Her daughter didn’t even like typical “kid food” like nuggets, meatballs, grilled cheese. When most parents were lamenting that their kids only ate nuggets, her daughter wouldn’t even touch a nugget!  Over months and months of stress and after many tears shed over the dinner table set with bowls of Cheerios, she decided that something was going to have to change.

She knew that feeding therapy was an option, but before turning to outside help she decided to turn to her daughter for help.  It first started with tossing a few pieces of pasta into a pot of boiling water and then asking her daughter to help put groceries away.  Playing around in the kitchen with her daughter and her son, led to a lot of curiosity about food and different tastes.  With a lot of  parenting creativity on her end, coupled with a strong desire to set healthy eating habits, she now get friends asking – “Your kids really eat that??”  Yup!  And within seconds!

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